In essence, secondary glazing, like double glazing is the process of insulating windows for thermal or acoustic benefits.
Where double glazing requires replacement of both the glass and usually the existing window sash, secondary glazing enables you to keep your existing windows by installing a secondary pane over the glass.
My Cosy Castle is an authorized installer of ecoGlaze. The ecoGlaze system utilises a clear acrylic pane, framed by magnetic mouldings. There are three different types of ecoGlaze mouldings which are suited to different types of windows.
For more information about ecoGlaze, check out the following link:
Just because the glass of your windows is now better insulated, draughts could still be entering your home around the edge of openable windows.
Are there draught seals on your windows? Do they work well?
We have draught seals for many different types of windows and doors.
Ventilation is indeed important in your home to remove odours and moist air. Controlled ventilation is what you should be aiming for. Choose when to ventilate your home by opening a window or door when necessary.
Wall vents are only required if you have an active fireplace or unflued gas heater. In many homes, wall and ceiling vents are superfluous and are literally a hole in your wall or ceiling where draughts can pass freely.
It is likely your assessor has provided you with a list of things to increase the thermal performance of your home. Unless your assessor also provided a detailed quote for draught proofing, we won't know what door or window treatments are required.
Our draught proofing assessments are thorough and seeing as we are experts in draught proofing, there is a chance we may find significant draught issues that your assessor may have overlooked.