Luke Harden
Thermal performance assessor, retrofit installer

Hi, I'm Luke. I have over eight years experience as an energy efficiency assessor and retrofit installer. I look forward to helping transform your home into a cosy castle.

Good timing to start a business? In a year many would choose to forget, early COVID 2020, an opportunity arose to carry on the retrofit revolution. With ecoMaster shifting to an online sales business model, I (Luke) saw an unmet need for homes in Australia to be improved by professional retrofit.

I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to make a positive contribution to the planet. My Cosy Castle draws on skills from my Bachelor of Business and weaves knowledge gained from my Masters in Environment and Sustainability with practical experience.

Back in the day, I was fabricating and installing premium thermally-broken double-glazed doors and windows in Europe. Quality double-glazed doors and windows are far from common in Australia and most homes still have single-glazed windows. Therein lies the opportunity: to improve the existing stock of homes here in Australia.

My goal is to help transform your home into an energy efficient and cosy castle.